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(Pronounced “Gets”)

In today’s unpredictable business landscape, general liability insurance isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. For every successful enterprise, behind the scenes, there’s a shield safeguarding them from the unexpected.

That shield? General liability insurance.

The silent guardian stands between businesses and potential financial calamity, ensuring that a single misstep or unforeseen accident doesn’t jeopardize years of hard work and dedication.

Whether it’s an accidental injury at your premises or an unintentional error in an advertisement, the repercussions without proper coverage can be monumental. Before diving into the intricate web of business insurance, let’s first understand the cornerstone of commercial protection: General Liability Insurance.

A Café Incident

One fateful afternoon, as a local café buzzed with chatter and clinks of coffee mugs, a customer tripped over a loose floorboard, resulting in a severe bodily injury. The medical bills mounted to an amount threatening the owner’s financial stability.

Without a liability insurance policy, the liability claims for injury and property damage loomed like a storm cloud. The owner’s legal costs, medical expenses, and the damage to the premises could’ve been averted with one simple solution: Business Liability Insurance.

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Discover What's Best For Your Business

Every business type comes with its own set of challenges. While a real estate agent might worry about omissions insurance, a delivery driver could benefit from commercial auto insurance. An office space might require commercial property insurance, whereas a bar would surely need liquor liability. That’s why you need someone who understands you and your business when choosing an insurance agent. 

Affordable Policies

Get the best monthly or annual rates with Goetz 2 U’s business insurance quotes—they care about competitive rates and work with you to ensure protection doesn’t become another hefty business expense.

Variety of Coverage

From bodily injury claims, personal injury, advertising injury, and property damage liability to specialized coverages like product liability coverage and cyber liability. Frank and Anna Goetz understand the unique needs of your business.

Efficient Online Quotes

Goetz 2 U’s application process is seamless. Within 15 minutes, if you have all the information to provide, we can get you a liability quote. You’re covered if you want additional insurance, like homeowners (replace with cyber) or inland marine insurance.

Exceptional Service

Frank and Anna ensure an unmatched buying experience. From a deep understanding of insurance contracts to navigating the claims process, they give you the accurate and caring customer service you deserve.

Risks Of Not Having Liability Insurance

While entrepreneurs often focus on growth and innovation, they might need to pay more attention to the risks associated with forgoing essential safeguards. If you look at the possible risks of avoiding this general liability insurance, you’ll uncover some surprising truths. Here’s what’s at stake:


Financial Losses:

The costs can be overwhelming, from compensating for physical injuries to replacing expensive equipment or handling cyber-related security risks.


Reputational Harm:

A single incident, like a defective product or false arrest, can cause reputational harm. Your business froorm claims could be safeguarded with the right policy.


Loss of Personal Assets:

Without business liability insurance coverage, you risk personal assets due to third-party or business-related accidents.


Increased Future Premiums:

Even if you manage to cover the expenses of a claim out-of-pocket, the incident could lead to higher insurance premiums when you decide to get insured. Insurance companies often base premiums on a business’s loss experience. A history of claims or accidents, even if covered out-of-pocket, can suggest a higher risk, leading to elevated insurance rates.


Legal Defense Costs:

One accidental or intentional injury, and your business could be staring down extensive legal defense costs.


Business Interruption:

Without liability coverage, a single significant claim could halt your operations. The costs of shutting down temporarily, combined with the potential loss of clients or customers, could jeopardize your business’s future. Business interruption insurance, often a component of commercial policies, can help buffer against these interruptions, but you need overall liability coverage to ensure you are protected.


Loss of Business Opportunities:

Many companies, clients, or commercial spaces require proof of insurance before entering into contracts, renting spaces, or starting collaborations. Without business liability insurance, you might miss out on lucrative deals, partnerships, or ventures that mandate insurance as a prerequisite.

Your Business's Security Means Peace Of Mind

Whether launching a startup from the confines of your home or a corporation in a bustling commercial district, the heart of your endeavor is always you. This is why selecting the right business insurance policies isn’t just a corporate decision—it’s a deeply personal one.

Commercial general liability insurance isn’t merely a business strategy; it’s an investment in yourself. You indirectly preserve your financial health and peace by shielding your business from financial hits from claims like bodily injury, property damage, or personal/advertising injuries tied to your operations or products.

But remember, a truly comprehensive protective shield extends beyond general liability insurance. Bolstering your defense with product and professional liability insurance (often termed as errors and omissions insurance) means you’re not just safeguarding your business but, essentially, your dreams, ambitions, and legacy.

Protect your enterprise, and you protect the cornerstone of your future.

It Pays To Use An Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent represents multiple companies, providing optimal coverage at competitive rates. 

With Goetz 2 U Insurance, you’ll access various provider options to find the best policy for your business at the best price. Goetz 2 U can also help with claim filing and other administrative tasks, making obtaining liability coverage much easier and less time-consuming. 

Goetz 2 U Insurance Understands Your Concerns

Frank and Anna Goetz offer solutions for every business risk. Their commercial insurance coverages, like business interruption coverage, commercial automobile coverage, or even employment practices liability insurance, can help guard every aspect of your business.

Reach out to Goetz 2 U Insurance today. Whether you need an affordable commercial general liability (CGL) policy or want to explore commercial liability insurance options, Frank and Anna will help ensure your business’s legacy remains protected while it flourishes.