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We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and industry knowledge. With years of experience in the insurance sector, we are well-equipped with the guidance and support you need. 

In the past, people often accepted whatever type of insurance their agent could find. Then, around ten years ago, most insurance companies started offering products online. Soon after, people began buying policies independently, often taking the lowest rate without realizing the damage it might cause.

Sometimes, buying a policy without an expert goes well, but in many cases, there are downfalls to working directly with insurance companies.

Goetz 2 U Insurance, Anna & Frank Goetz

Insurance Reminders


Lack Of Expertise

Most individuals need to gain specialized knowledge to understand the nuances of insurance policies. An expert, like an insurance agent or broker, understands industry jargon and can help translate that into plain English

Missed Discounts


Policy Gaps

Claim Difficulties


Overwhelming Options

Over- Or Under-Insuring

Lack Of Personalization

Renewal Oversights

Legal Implications

Emotional Decisions

Limited Options

Not Understanding Exclusions

About Goetz 2 U Insurance Owners

Goetz 2 u Insurance, LLC, Frank and Anna Goetz

Frank was in heavy construction and despised the crazy long hours. He didn’t get to spend the time he wanted with his family. He started out working in life insurance for a year but wanted something that offered more opportunities to help people. He loves helping people fulfill their needs. He went back to work operating heavy equipment until our business is built up.

Anna is a stay at home mom, a homeschooler, and a wildlife biologist that also worked in the health and wellness industry for 11 years. She loves to be with her family and work in the yard and hopefully on community projects in the near future.

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